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Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, addressed ESG in his 2018 Letter to CEOs. “Your company’s strategy must articulate a path to achieve financial performance. To sustain that performance, however, you must also understand the societal impact of your business as well as the ways that broad, structural trends – from slow wage growth to rising automation to climate change – affect your potential for growth.”

Clear, concise corporate governance guidelines are vital in today’s business environment to foster sustained shareholder and consumer confidence. A strong corporate governance foundation will provide guidance for future endeavors and contribute to our company’s goal of continuing to operate at the highest level of performance. To that end, Hersha has promulgated a comprehensive Corporate Governance Compendium.

We believe that the financial success of our shareholders and the positive growth of our company is fueled by a steadfast commitment to highly ethical and moral business practices. The central tenet of our culture is for all tasks to be performed with unwavering integrity and honesty. We are proud that fair dealing is at the foundation of all that we do. It is our goal to constantly reinforce the promotion of good citizenship and community involvement in the activities of our company. All senior officers, trustees, and employees exercise openness and maintain accessibility to allow transparency and optimal synergies. Above all, we believe good ethical conduct leads to a strong, respectable, and successful company.

At Hersha’s 2017 Annual Meeting, an independent director, Jackson Hsieh, was elected to the Board of Trustees. Jackson Hsieh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Spirit Realty Capital, Inc., brings substantial experience across his career in investment banking and the real estate and lodging industries.

For more information on Hersha’s Governance practices, please visit Hersha’s website to download our Governance Documents.